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Event and Hotel Registration for the 2019 ASICS Show Me National Qualifier will open up on November 1st.

All Entry Forms and Fees MUST be sent DIRECTLY to the USAV Event Department. The remaining forms can be brought directly to the tournament. It is STRONGLY suggested that you send ALL materials by the following deadlines. Please make copies of ALL materials sent and bring them with you to the event.

Entry Form, Fee, Hotel registration through THS confirmed March 10, 2019
Final On-Line Roster Adjustments without penalty Prior to team check-in on registration day


MAIL TO: USA Volleyball
C/O Show Me
4065 Sinton Rd., Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

How To Enter

The Show Me National Qualifier will be using the on-line registration system, Advanced Event Systems.

  • If you are a first-time user in AES, you will need to select “Club Directors” to set up your club and your teams within AES.
  • If you need additional help or are experiencing problems, e-mail us at or call the National Office (719-228-6800) and ask for the Events Department.

Enter team(s) in the on-line Tournament System

    Enter your staff and players through the tournament on-line registration system.

If paying by check:

  1. Follow Entry Form procedures and mail check to the USAV National Office: USA Volleyball C/O Show Me Qualifier 4065 Sinton Rd, Suite 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80907
  2. Make checks payable to USA Volleyball with your Club name and age division(s) printed on the memo line of your check.
  3. Attach your payment to the Entry Form to eliminate any potential errors in registration by the due date.
  4. We strongly suggest using Fed Ex or UPS ”Next Day” if sending within two weeks of the deadline. USAV will not confirm receipt of Entry by e-mail or phone.

If paying by Credit Card:

1. Pay with credit card in AES
2. Print, sign and submit the Official Entry Form to the USA Volleyball Events Department by fax, email or mail:

* Fax: (719) 228-6899 (Attn: Show Me)
* Email:
* Mail: USA Volleyball
C/O Show Me
4065 Sinton Rd., Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Acceptance and Selection Criteria

The entry selection criteria are: In the event the number of entry applications in a division exceeds the space available, teams will be admitted into the tournament based on certain criteria. For a team applying to an Open division, the selection criteria are:

  1. Strength;
  2. Number of teams from a club;
  3. Teams from states contiguous to the state where the Qualifier is being held;
  4. Date of entry.

For a team applying to a Club division, the selection criteria are:

  1. Number of teams per club per division, with a maximum of two teams per club, per division unless additional space is available;
  2. Postmark date of entry application;
  3. Strength;
  4. Entries from the host state where the Qualifier is conducted;
  5. Entries from states contiguous to the host state.

Club divisions may also be determined or verified by the national seeding committee. Registration status will be maintained and updated in AES. Please consult AES before contacting USAV about your team’s entry. Total number of teams is limited to 480 but allocations of teams per division may change depending on number of entries received for all ages and all divisions.

Non-negotiable Refund Policy:

Teams not accepted into ASICS Show Me Qualifier: Full Refund
Teams that drop before March 10th: Full Refund
Teams that drop between March 10th and March 21st: Half Refund
Teams that drop after March 21st: No Refund

  • When an individual or a team decides not to attend, or is unable to attend, a USAV-held event for reasons pertaining to acts or threats of war, acts or threats of terrorism, or a health risk alert, USAV shall issue no refunds.
  • When a USAV event is canceled or interrupted due to acts or threats of war, acts or threats of terrorism, or a health risk alert, event entry refunds will be made to individuals or teams on a prorated basis once all of USAV’s out-of-pocket expenditures for the canceled or interrupted event have been settled from such fee.
  • If a team is denied entry into the tournament, because the field is filled, the team may elect to cancel its application and receive a full refund of its entry fee, OR the team may elect to go on a waiting list.
  • If a team decides to drop out after being accepted (either originally or accepted from the waiting list), the team will forfeit the entire entry fee, regardless whether the drop happens before or after March 10th.
  • A team on a waiting list may drop out and obtain a full refund of its entry fee as long as we have not yet accepted the team into the tournament from the waiting list. To qualify for this, a team on a waiting list must have notified us in writing of their desire to drop before they receive notification of being accepted from the waiting list.

Entry fees are non-transferable to another team, even from the same club.

Tournament Check-In for Teams

For Club and Open Divisions: All check-in procedures will take place at the Kansas City Convention Center. For teams competing the first weekend of the qualifier, check in will be from 4 till 8:30 pm on Friday, April 5 in the main Lobby. For teams competing on the second weekend, checkin will be on Thursday, April 11 from 4 till 8:30 pm. Teams must be completely checked in prior to closure of registration. Teams that fail to check in will be required to forfeit their first match of the tournament. If for any reason a team is in need of a late check-in, you must contact the USAV Events Department with a valid reason prior to April 3th. You must receive approval for late check-in.

  1. Only the team representative or coach should go to the check-in desk in the Kansas City Convention Center/Bartle HAll to check-in the team(s).
  2. The team representative/coach will receive playing schedules, meeting schedules, credentials and other information.
  3. The team representative/coach will verify the team roster, uniform numbers and uniform. Once verified, the roster will be in effect throughout the tournament. No additions to the roster are allowed once play begins. The team roster is limited to fifteen (15) players and five (5) adults. ONLY those persons whose names appear on the verified roster receive credentials and are permitted to sit on the bench.
  4. The team representative/coach will need to bring the Medial Release forms and show these at checkin. Do not send those to USAV. Medical Release forms do not need to be notarized for this event.**

Roster Verification (IS THIS TRUE? – yes)

Verification will be done through AES by utilizing the USAV Data Base import function. No team will be allowed to participate without having their roster verified in AES.

Coaching Certification

ALL Coaches listed on the roster (Head and Assistant(s)) will possess a minimum coaching certification level of IMPACT (Entry Level) and have completed the SafeSport training.  An IMPACT certified coach (head coach or assistant) listed on the Event Roster must be present and on the bench at all times.  It is strongly recommended that teams have additional IMPACT certified adults verified on their roster and present at all times.  In the event the certified Coach(es) is not present (late, sick, is ejected or disqualified), the team must have another IMPACT certified adult verified on their roster and on the bench for play to begin or continue without forfeit.  No additional time will be allowed to comply with the certified personnel requirement to continue play except for unused time-outs and/or time allowed between games.

Making Roster Changes

Once submitted, Rosters may be adjusted any time prior to the team
checking in on registration day. Changes involving a Player, Coach, Team Representative, Assistant Coach, or Chaperones (everyone) must be administered through the appropriate Member Organization (same as the team).

Any changes needed during team check-in will have to be in writing and verified by the appropriate Member Organization. EACH change will be assessed a fee of $25. These changes will have to be processed at check-in time at the Kansas City Convention Center.

If the paperwork is not complete, any and all proposed changed personnel will be deemed ineligible. All player roster additions at the Show Me National Qualifier must have written authorization by the designated regional authority. Written authorization includes facsimiles, email or other correspondence No roster additions will be allowed once competition has begun.

Frozen Player Terms and Conditions

  • Under the Frozen Player Rule, a club may add player(s) to the roster of one of its qualified teams for the Show Me National Qualifier, provided the additional player(s) are members of the club and the team from which the players are switching has not yet qualified for the GJNC.
  • A club may not switch players between two teams that are both qualified for the GJNC.
  • If you are considering applying for an Open-At Large then ALL players added to a roster must be on the roster submitted for the at-large bid consideration. The roster is then frozen as of submission for bid consideration.
  • Once a female junior player has participated in a GJNC qualifying event (Regional or National), she may not participate in another GJNC qualifying or championship event with a different club.
  • For all Qualifiers and the JNVC, each player is required to wear the same jersey number as listed on the event roster throughout the entire event, with limited exceptions as required by emergency or blood rule applications.

Violations of the Frozen Player Rule will result in sanctions being imposed on the already qualified team, its club, and/or the individual(s) involved, including the player, the coach and the club director. The GJNC Ethics and Eligibility Committee will determine sanctions for violations of the Frozen Player Rule.  For a first or subsequent offense, the sanctions may be a warning, probation, suspension or expulsion.

Frozen Players

At the time the team earns a bid in a Qualifier, applies for a bid in an at-large process, or receives a bid through its regional process, the players on that team’s roster are frozen to that team.  A frozen player cannot play for another team in a qualifying event or the GJNC.  Obtaining a bid defines the team as “qualified” for the GJNC.  (YJNVD, May 2006, Motion 17)

Note: In order to be eligible for the GJNC, a team must meet all posted entry deadlines.

All players listed on the roster of a team that is qualified for the GJNC may not be on the roster of or play on any other team attempting to qualify for the GJNC.  This rule applies regardless of whether the qualifying attempt is in a Qualifier, at a regional event that determines which team(s) is awarded the region’s Club bid(s), or through an at-large process. Switching a player from the roster of a qualified team to the roster of a team attempting to qualify will result in sanctions being imposed on the already qualified team, its club, and/or the individual(s) involved.  Likewise, no player may switch from one qualified team to another qualified team, even within the same club.

Meetings & Clinics

There will be no coaches meeting. All information will be distributed at check-in.

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