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Limited practice space will be available between 6 and 8 pm on Friday, April 5 and on Thursday, April 11 at the convention center. Teams can make reservations for one court for one hour at check-in.

No Cooler/Chair & Outside Food Policy

Spectator chairs are provided at all playing sites. No outside portable folding chairs are permitted at any site due to Fire Marshall restrictions. Coolers and Outside food cannot be brought in either.

Spectator Admission & Entry Procedures

Spectator admission to the 2019 Show Me National Qualifier is $8 per day and $20 for three days. You can pre-order your admission wristbands here.

High Performance Tryouts

High Performance Tryouts will be held on Friday, April 5 and Thursday, April 11 at 5 PM at the Kansas City Convention Center. To register, click here.

Recruiting Combine

A Recruiting Combine will be hosted by Championship Combines on Friday, April 5 from 7 till 8:30 pm. Players can register for this event. Many college coaches will be attending this combine. Parents will be able to attend a lecture on the college recruiting process at the same time. Click this link to register for the Combine. 

Super Shuttle group discount rate

Group Code:
Code Valid Dates: April 3th through April 17th (guests may begin booking now)
Link : http://www.supershuttle.com/

RESERVATIONS: For special reservation questions call 1-800 BLUE VAN (800-258-3826) or customer service, available 24/7. The $3.00 booking fee normally applied for phone-based reservations will be waived when the guest provides their discount code

Results Verification Statement

By submitting an entry into this tournament, all teams are verifying that they have submitted complete, accurate, and timely results.


Awards will be given to the Gold Division 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams. The entire team must report to the awards area to pickup the awards and have a team picture taken. Teams not complying with this will not be given their awards. Limited awards are given to Silver Division winners. No awards are given to any Bronze, or Flight Division winners.

Ethics and Eligibility Violations:

Event Arbitrators:  Event Arbitrators shall serve as the first level for hearing and resolving ethics and eligibility issues at a specific event.  Teams or individuals accused of committing violations of ethics and / or eligibility rules and regulations at qualifying and / or championship events shall meet with the Event Arbitrator(s).

The authority for the Event Arbitrator to act begins with the arrival of a team and individual participants in the Championship city, or 48 hours prior to the first day of competition, whichever is earlier. That authority shall continue for the duration of the Event through its conclusion.

Decisions of the Event Arbitrator shall be conveyed immediately to the affected parties and may be appealed to the Event Ethics and Eligibility Appeals Committee.

Event Ethics and Eligibility Appeals Committees:  An Event Ethics and Eligibility Appeals Committee shall be formed for each qualifying and championship event sponsored by the Corporation.

Each committee shall be composed of three (3) members, one (1) of whom shall meet the definition of the Corporation as a domestic player who is at least 21 years of age.Each committee shall act on appeals of ethics and eligibility decisions that occur during the conduct of the event.  The conduct of an event shall commence when an individual or a team arrives at the site of the event, or forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the first day of competition for that event, whichever is earlier. That authority shall conclude with the departure of the individual and / or team from the city in which the event has been held.

If the Committee is of the opinion that the violation is of such a nature that it requires further review or more serious discipline beyond the duration of the National Championship event, The USAV Executive Vice-President will send a report to the Commissioner of the offender’s region. That Commissioner will notify the USAV Corporate Ethics and Eligibility Committee outlining which actions (if any) were taken as a result of the report.

Disciplinary Action

Any person listed on the Official Roster who is causing unfavorable situations either prior to, during or after the USA Junior National Girls Volleyball Championships is subject to disciplinary action by the EVENT ARBITRATORS. In particular, use of alcohol or drugs by players and / or officials will bring disciplinary action by the EVENT ARBITRATORS. Plain-clothed off-duty policemen and uniformed / non-uniformed hotel security personnel will be patrolling the halls of the motels / hotels. They must, by law, take a different approach when finding players/officials who possess or consume illegal substances. If a rostered team member is disqualified from a match in a multi court facility, the disqualified person must report immediately to the championship desk (or site manager at an outlying site) until the issue is addressed by the event arbitrator or the team will default the match.

Eligibility & Due Process

This event is part of the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships. Participants, individual or team, may access normal Due Process channels should their eligibility to participate be in question. Procedures including appeal options are outlined in the Bylaws of USA Volleyball. Bylaws can be found in the current issue of the USAV Official Guidebook. The Guidebook is available through Regional Commissioners, from the USA Volleyball national office, at the event Championship Desk, and on the USAV website.

This information is a summary of the information needed to enter the Show Me National Qualifier. A complete set of rules and procedures governing all qualifiers can be found on the USAV site in the Qualifier Manual. All teams are responsible for the information contained in both this document and the Qualifier Manual.


Officials who are interested to work this event can contact the
HOA office by email:


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